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New Year's Resolutions your skin will love

Start 2020 off with gorgeous skin thanks to these simple and easy skincare resolutions.
Skincare Resolutions You Should Do This Year

by Bri Wink

January 02, 2020

New Year's Resolutions your skin will love

Start 2020 off with gorgeous skin thanks to these simple and easy skincare resolutions.

January 02, 2020

Skincare Resolutions You Should Do This Year

It's that time of year again. A new year, a new decade. If you're looking to switch things up then why not update your skincare routine?å

Your skin deserves to be pampered and loved, and there’s no better way to start some skincare resolutions than a new year.

Here are some skincare resolutions that are easy to include in your day-to-day so you can have radiant skin all year long.


You should never skip out on this skincare resolution. Letting dead skin cells build up is a guaranteed way of getting dry and dull skin. During winter, skin gets drier even quicker due to colder conditions, so exfoliating is a must.

How much and how often you exfoliate depends on your skin type, but you should use a scrub with natural ingredients as they’re much more gentle on the skin.

Double cleanse

Did you know that one cleansing session is not enough to clear up congestion? Then a good skincare resolution is to double down. But an extra cleanse doesn’t mean extra time. All it takes is two simple steps.

Begin with a balm cleanser and a flannel to remove make-up. Afterwards, use a wash-off cleanser to remove any grime, dirt or grease on the skin.

Not too hot, not too cold

During these chilly winter months, nothing feels better than a hot shower or bath. But like most things though, it’s only good in moderation.

Water that’s too hot can deplete the skin of its natural oils. You don't have to shower or bathe in freezing water though. Warm water is a happy medium. If you do decide that you can’t give up those hot baths, then keep them short. 

Remember to hydrate

The most important skincare resolution you should stick to involves H20. Water is so important — for your brain, your skin, and your overall health — and you need to make sure you’re drinking enough of it. The recommended amount of water is 2 litres a day (8 glasses). For skin, a few of the effects are it improves complexion, slows the signs of ageing and keeps it from drying out. Trust us, water will be your new BFF.

Wear sun cream

Even when the sun isn’t out, SPF is a must. Wearing sun cream can help prevent sun spots and age spots, and is one of the biggest skincare resolutions if you want to keep your skin looking fresh. And don’t skip it during cloudy days; UVA rays are present even when the sun is hiding.

Make sure to use something natural as a lot of sun creams contain chemicals. Or, if you prefer to keep things simple, using a moisturiser or foundation that already has SPF will make sure that you never forget it.

Absolute Collagen

Increasing your collagen intake is one of the best skincare resolutions you can have. Research shows collagen contributes to skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles and boosts skin hydration. 

Each sachet of Absolute Collagen contains 8000 mg of high-grade marine collagen, as well as Vitamin C to help synthesise collagen production. They’re also really easy to take  — just pop it straight from the sachet, no cups or mixing needed. Oh, and each sachet will also help your hair, joints, muscles, gut, and nails, too. 

There’s never been an easier way to look after your skin than with Absolute Collagen, and our thousands of #Absoluters agree. Shop your new skincare resolution today - and say hello to a new year, new decade, and a healthier you.