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Video testimonials

Our favourite videos from our fantastic Absolute Collagen users. See below for genuine customer testimonials along with before and after updates.

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I've been using Absolute Collagen for the past three months and I can tell you that I've noticed a drastic change in my skins moisture as well as collagen levels in my hair, my skin and my nails. This little daily sachet contains 8 grams of collagen and 9 grams of protein so if you’re exercising it helps with you muscle growth as well. So guys definitely give it a go. Thank you Absolute Collagen.


I just wanted to say I've been using Absolute Collagen for a few months now. It was week 3-4 that I really started to notice a difference in my skin. It was a lot more plump, a lot fresher looking, my hair also started to grow as well. I’m 100% hooked on this product I think its an amazing product, almost like witchcraft, it works so so well. It’s a nice little drink just a little lemony little shot everything morning after your breakfast. It’s perfect so honestly i would highly recommend Absolute Collagen. Keep up the good work guys.

David @dfa

Right guys finally doing my review of Absolute Collagen which i know I've been promising for a while. It’s my new, new secret weapon. Handy little sachets like this, you just tear off the top and take it, nice and easy. If you’re not too keen on the taste, personally i love it, you can always put it into your coffee or put it into your porridge or anything else or into your smoothies if you want to.

It’s got a really high collagen content, 8 grams per sachet. But the good thing is as well its also high in protein its got 7 grams of protein per sachet as well so if you’re like me thats quite active, I'm training for a big bike ride next year so I need all the help I can get. Now the other good things are the other good signs that I've seen are my skin quality is improved, definitely feeling and looking a little bit fresher in the mornings and for somebody thats heading towards 45 quite rapidly ill take any help I can get.

The other thing is as well is I had a niggling knee injury for the last couple of years, haven't done anything else differently for the last few months other than include this into my daily routine and the knee injury actually has gone. So i don't know if it’s related but its defiantly helped. Really easy subscription service, pops through my letterbox every couple of weeks, don't have to think about it, nice and easy, nice and simple and I’ll always be a #absoluter. So give it a whirl, promise you it works.


I use Absolute Collagen, I think a prevention is better than a cure. I’m an Absoluter.


I’ve been taking Absolute Collagen now for just over twelve months and had taken several foreign holidays where my skin has felt really hydrated and I believe this has prolonged my tan as its kept its suppleness and smoothness. My hairdresser has also commented on how thick my hair has become and she has been my personal hairdresser now for just over twenty years.


I love Absolute Collagen because I noticed after using this a real difference in my areas of concern which are here, here and here. It really softened the appearance of the lines I was having. I’m an Absoluter.


I take Absolute Collagen because I had stress alopecia. Since taking Absolute Collagen the condition has disappeared, the bald patches have regrown and the thinness all over my scalp has thickened. I have a full head of hair now. It has also one wonders for my skin and filled out my wrinkles. I am an Absoluter.


I use Absolute Collagen because on a normal day i get very spotty, whilst taking this it clears my spots up and gives me smoother skin. I am an Absoluter.


I’m 49 years old and for the past five to six months I've been using Absolute Collagen and its just absolutely amazing. I’ve never used anything that has been so good for my skin, my nails, everything has just been amazing. Most importantly I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and I've had that for over 16 years and I'm on more tablets than I've been in my whole life, but since taking this I haven't taken one tablet for over 5 months.

I take this every morning with a smile because I know that this product is working for me and I know that it would work for all the other women and all the men out there. Trust me this really really does work and I sure am an Absoluter.


I'm an actor and model and I've been using Absolute Collagen for about a month now and I've seen great results in terms of evenness of skin tone and lines around my eyes have definitely reduced so I'm 52 and fighting the age. But yeah its good, great product.


I wanted to tell you all about this amazing product here, Absolute Collagen, daily dose of beauty. I started taking this about 6 months ago and its had a huge impact on the quality of my skin and I've had really fine hair for such a long time and its really strengthened my hair and my nails have started growing beautifully, thanks to this!

I also had quite bad, dry skin on my elbows which was a skin condition and amazingly thanks to Absolute Collagen that has cleared up as well. So, I cant recommend it highly enough, it is just a brilliant investment for health, wellbeing and beauty.


I’m 43 years old and I’m an Absoluter. What I wanted to say is I’ve been using it for 7 weeks. This is my morning face, I’ve just done the usual clean with my coconut oil, and tone and moisturise. Now I do invest in my skin, I always have, but this is taking it to another level.

My skin is just so soft, so supple, and the great thing is it’s not taking in as much of my cream as it used too. It’s so much more hydrated, I really look forward to sticking it in my berocca every morning, just knowing what good I am doing for my skin. My skin is really important to me and if its important to you and you want to invest in it, this is the one, because I absolutely love it. Thank you to Absolute Collagen.

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