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Dry winter hair? Here's how to fix it

Combat your dry winter hair with these tips and tricks.
Dry winter hair? Absolute Collagen can help

by Bri Wink

December 10, 2019

Dry winter hair? Here's how to fix it

Combat your dry winter hair with these tips and tricks.

December 10, 2019

Dry winter hair? Absolute Collagen can help

Winter is here — which means it's time for dry winter hair.

Your hair is going to be more vulnerable to the elements than ever this season. Say hello to dry, dull, and static-y locks.

But fear not. We're sharing our tips and tricks to combat dry winter hair, so you can enjoy a healthy scalp and tresses this season.

How to recognise dry winter hair

Winter hair takes on many different forms. It can get alarmingly dry, attract a lot of static as though you've been shocked, and of course, get frizzy. It's a far cry from smooth, shiny hair that gleams in the summer sun.

This is because the elements sap away moisture, leaving you exposed to breakage and dandruff. Here's how you can ease those dry winter hair symptoms and keep your hair refreshed.

The shampoo and moisturiser balance

It's pretty common knowledge that shampoo is good for washing and cleaning your hair. But there is a point where shampoo starts being a benefits and becomes a hindrance.

Too much washing can actually strip the moisture out of your hair, making it dry out faster. That's why it's encouraged to only wash your hair a couple of times a week.

This will lead to a dry, itchy, and flaky scalp — something nobody wants to deal with.

You can substitute the loss of moisture with hair oil. The ends of hair get dry fastest, so we recommend using an oil or serum on the ends daily. This will help lock in moisture and prevent split ends.

Beat dry winter hair by laying off the heating tools. - Absolute Collagen

Lay off the heat

It's cold out, so we understand that nobody wants to rush out the door with wet hair. Cold air can cause the hair shafts to expand, leaving it more susceptible to breakage as well as fade hair colour. However, you shouldn't blast the hair dryer, either, because too much heat weakens hair strands.

It's a balance: when you do need to use a hair dryer, make sure it's on a lower setting and that use a heat protectant spray. But try to avoid this daily. Instead, take a shower at night and let your hair dry naturally. You can also use braids and buns to keep your hair in place.

Choose your hair wear wisely

As much as you like cotton, when pressed against your hair, it can be the bane of your life. Cotton materials run the risk of leaving you with split ends and/or breakage, especially if you have naturally curly hair. Fitted hats can trap oils at the roots and leave the ends bone-dry. Even if you enjoy the soft texture of cotton, it can tug on the hair strands.

The fabrics that will do right by your hair are typically silk and satin. Silk, in particular, can prevent thinning, knotted hair as well as split ends. If hat hair is a cross you don't want to bear, you can work around this by wrapping your head in a silk scarf. And if a cotton hat is your preferred option, make sure the inside is lined with silk.

Stay hydrated

It is vital to keep the body hydrated — not just to prevent dry winter hair, but for overall health.

You may not know this, but 25% of a single strand of hair is made up of water. Drinking water regularly will stimulate scalp growth and can stave off conditions like dryness, itchiness and dandruff. That dryness you see on your skin if you go so long without water? Imagine what that will be doing to your scalp.

Of course, that doesn't mean you have to drink an ocean's worth daily. There are other ways to keep your hair hydrated, such as finding a reliable conditioner that you can massage into the scalp or using a hair mask.

Dry winter hair? Eat a healthy diet - Absolute Collagen

Plan a healthy diet

What you put into your body will dictate the strength of your hair. Hair contains a protein called keratin, so you should make sure that your diet is rife with protein foods such as eggs, fish and beans.

You will also need plenty of iron, which is found in foods like dried fruits, cherries and whole grained cereals. There are also healthy fats that you can include such as avocados, nuts and seeds. A healthy diet will see you through the winter period and give you that added protection.

Frequency of styling

We all want to play around with new styles, especially during the festive period. But you don't want to go overboard.

After a while, the frequent use of hairdryers and curling tongs can feel less like looking your best and more like an assault on the follicles. Occasionally breaking out the straightener and curling iron is fine, but don't go crazy. There are simpler ways to style your hair — including natural ways to curl your hair.

Frequent trims

One thing you should factor in to preventing dry winter hair is frequent trimmings.

It's true that the more you trim your hair, the more likely it is to grow. This is because trims get rid of the dead hair and split-ends. Booking bimonthly hair appointments will help you grow your hair out without the worry of damaged ends.

Facing dry winter hair? Take Absolute Collagen

Revitalising supplements

Last but not least, supplements can help with dry winter hair.

So many of us have endured the trials and tribulations of dry winter hair, including many Absolute Collagen customers.

The good news is that our drinkable collagen supplements may help. Each sachet contains 8g of hydrolysed marine collagen, 7.7g of protein, and all the amino acids you need to keep your hair healthy. We're also trichologist approved for a healthy and happy scalp!

Our in-house trichologist, Eva Proudman, ran a perception trial to see if Absolute Collagen can help with hair and scalp health. 100% of the candidates saw improvement in hair texture, reporting sleeker and smoother hair. Those that suffer from Seborrhoeic Eczema saw itching and flaking decrease, and everyone had an improved scalp!

Don't believe us? Check out our reviews or better yet, subscribe to Absolute Collagen and see for yourself.

Check out our tips for healthy festive hair here.