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Five pillars of health to support a new healthy you

pillars of health

by Francesco Vallecoccia

September 09, 2019

Five pillars of health to support a new healthy you

September 09, 2019

pillars of health

Tired of counting calories and exercising to burn off any unwanted pounds – only to feel tired, low-energy and unmotivated? 

It might be that you are punishing your body rather than celebrating it.

That’s why we’re sharing the five pillars of health to help you get on track.

These pillars of health are essential factors in your life.

They are easy and simple tasks to help you regain balance and control, as well as to help you feel better than ever. 

The 5 Pillars Of Health

The 5 pillars of health


Sleep should perhaps be called the core of health, rather than simply a pillar of it.

This is because a good night’s sleep is vital to good health, both mental and physical. 

Scientists still don’t know exactly why we need to sleep, but they do know that going without some shuteye is incredibly harmful to our bodies and minds. 

It’s during sleep that our body performs system maintenance, renewing and repairing us to be ready for the next day.

Now, there is nothing worse than going to bed and knowing that you have to get up in a few hours. 

This can cause a panic/anxiety reaction that prevents us from falling asleep easily, so we toss and turn for hours before finally nodding off and achieving a couple of hours’ poor quality sleep. 

Tell yourself that it is not the amount of sleep you get, it is the quality of sleep – and then give yourself every chance to fall asleep easily and quickly!

Keep electronics out of your room, or to a minimum, so that you associate lying down in bed with going to sleep, not scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. 

Ensure the room is dark and quiet so your brain can ‘switch off’. Our #Absoluter sleep masks make that easy to do.


Another pillar of health is watching your nutrient intake.

It seems like everything these days is pumped full of artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives, and other unnatural ingredients. 

As a general rule, you should always read the label and look for two things. 

First, the number of ingredients – nothing should have more than five or so ingredients, and second (and most importantly), if you see anything that you do not recognise as a food, do not treat it as one.

We’re not saying to give up everything! Go ahead and enjoy your favourite salty snacks and chocolate treats - just do so in moderation.

Instead, make some easy substiations.

If you’re craving something sweet, reach for fruit instead of candy. Prefer something salty? Nuts are a great swap for crisps.

Start by slowing changing one meal a day to make it more healthy.

For instance, grab a banana and some granola for breakfast instead of a pastry, or opt for a salad at lunch instead of a meal deal.

You could even try a ‘meat free’ night, which can help prevent heart disease and add more fibre and essential nutrients into your diet. 


This one is fairly well known, and most people drink a reasonable amount of water these days

Water replenishes the cells, makes us feel fuller so we eat less, and keeps our whole system hydrated and working at optimum levels. 

You do not have to drink eight glasses of water per day, that is just a very general guideline.

If you are very active all day, outside in the sun, or work in a warm environment, like a school or hospital, for example, you may need more than eight glasses per day, whereas if you are sedentary and cool for much of the day, you need a lot less.

A good way to judge your hydration levels is to monitor your loo visits: your urine should be a pale, straw-like colour with no strong odour, and you should be going every two to five hours.

If you don’t like water on it’s own, you can always try adding in mint, cucumber, citrus, or even fruit to give it more of a taste.



Many people go wrong with exercise: punishing their bodies and making them hurt and sweat. 

This damages your muscles, tendons and bones, and diverts nutrition from other areas for repairs. 

You should exercise moderately, until you are pleasantly tired, with a raised heartbeat, and some breathlessness during peak activity. 

You should not be stiff and sore afterwards – or not for long, anyway – instead, you should feel warm and as though your body is working at its best.

A brisk walk, a cycle ride, swimming: all of these are excellent mild activities that can form one of your pillars of health without incapacitating you for days.

Breaking out the yoga mat or lifting weights are also great options, especially if you’re not able to do a lot of cardio.

Taking care of the inner you

This is a fairly comprehensive topic, and is one of the most important pillars of health. 

It includes mental health, sociability, self-acceptance and confidence and all the internal things that make you, you. 

Try to accept yourself, warts and all, instead of comparing yourself to others, especially those only seen through the ultra-flattering and carefully curated filter of social media. 

Make time for friends. Most of us have moments when we don’t want to be around others, but when we are impelled into the company of friends and relatives we actually have a good time. 

Humans are social animals and we thrive on good interactions with others, whether it is strangers in a new class or friends having a drink in the pub. 

Taking supplements are another great way to boost your body from the inside out, and different supplements do different things.

If you’re noticing small lines and wrinkles forming when you look in the mirror these days, then a collagen supplement can help you with skin elasticity, as well as many other areas of the body. 

Absolute Collagen is the UK’s top collagen drink. Taking just one sachet a day can transform skin, nails, and hair as well as look after joints, muscles, and tendons. 

So many of our #Absoluters swear by their daily dose of Absolute Collagen… and for them, it certainly is a top pillar of health!

Together, these five pillars of health will help you work towards a happier and healthier you.