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5 reasons men should take collagen supplements

can men take collagen supplements

by Francesco Vallecoccia

September 16, 2019

5 reasons men should take collagen supplements

September 16, 2019

can men take collagen supplements

One of the biggest questions we get asked at Absolute Collagen HQ is if men can take collagen supplements.

For some reason, many people believe that collagen drinks are just for women who want to look younger.

But the answer couldn’t be further from the truth!

Not only can men take  collagen supplements, but they should, and collagen does much more – for men and women – than simply make them look younger.

Collagen has been called the glue of the body, as it is the most prevalent protein in our makeup, basically responsible for holding us together. 

It is vital for maintaining skin integrity, bone and joint strength, and tendon elasticity, along with general body health.

Here are some excellent reasons that men should consider taking a collagen supplement.

Why Should Men Take Collagen Supplements?

Why should men take collagen supplements?

Hair loss

Alopecia or baldness is found in both genders, but affects a lot more men than women. 

While being bald can be a fashion statement, and some men embrace it when it happens to them, others feel that they are losing their identity along with their hair. 

Fortunately, there are treatments to replace hair, from good quality, imperceptible hairpieces to transplants: but why not take steps to prevent baldness from happening in the first place? 

Collagen is full of amino acids, including those that makeup keratin – the building blocks of hair.

It also supports the structure and maintenance of the hair, as well as encourages healthy growth.

This is a dual reason for upping your collagen intake as a man if you are worried about hair loss: collagen can maintain your hair at a good level of thickness, and it can ensure that hairs that naturally loosen and fall out will be promptly replaced.

Joint strength and pain

As we age, our joints either stiffen up or begin to wear down, and this can cause mobility issues and pain. 

If you are wondering 'can men take collagen supplements?' take a moment to assess how you feel. 

Are all your joints mobile and supple, free from pain and moving well to a good range of motion? If yes, do you want to keep them that way? 

And if no, wouldn’t you like to return to a time when you could run, walk and twist freely without catching your breath or needing to strain yourself? 

Collagen works to repair damaged and torn joint surfaces without the thickening effect that scar tissue can have. It is this thickening that can make joints stiff and lacking in mobility. 

Absolute Collagen works by maintaining the integrity of your cartilage to keep it in good condition for longer, something that can be helped by also eating well and exercising sensibly.

Boosts muscle mass

Collagen to boost muscle mass

If the above has not yet converted you to a positive response to the question can men take collagen supplements, then perhaps this point will: collagen may help you to boost your muscle mass. 

This means that even young men, wrinkle-free and with smooth joints, can take advantage of a collagen supplement! 

Up to 10% of your muscle mass is made from collagen, and maintaining good levels even after your body’s natural production of collagen has declined can ensure that your muscles remain full and firm for longer than your peers.

Collagen works on maintaining muscle mass by eliminating sarcopenia – muscle mass lost in time, due to the effects of ageing. 

Researchers claim that collagen encourages the production of muscle-boosting proteins, such as creatine, and that it also boosts muscle growth following exercise. 

This means that your efforts in the gym will seem to pay off quicker with a supplement, so you see good results and work all the harder to achieve your perfect body.

Thinning dry skin

As we age, time takes a toll on our faces, etching lines and wrinkles into the skin, causing sagging and loosening around our eyes, mouths and jawlines. 

Men tend to be luckier than women in this area as male skin is naturally thicker than female skin, which means that wrinkles must be more severe before they impact on the skin. 

However, even thicker male skin can show signs of ageing in time, and these effects can be worsened or accelerated if you work outdoors, in the sun or in an atmosphere that is harsh to the skin.

A collagen supplement like Absolute Collagen will help to restore the structure of your skin in two ways.

Firstly, collagen helps the skin to maintain a good level of hydration, storing necessary moisture and preventing its loss. 

Good hydration naturally keeps the skin plump and smooth, while dehydrated skin loses its shape and becomes wrinkled and crepe-like. 

Secondly, collagen boosts elasticity in the skin, so that it bounces back into shape instead of sagging and loosening.


Taking Absolute Collagen regularly increases the sebum levels in your skin, making shaving a much smoother affair

Digestive Issues

Everyone can suffer from digestive issues such as leaky gut and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). 

This can be caused by a poor diet, insufficient activity or allergies and intolerances to some foods.

While eating a clean, nutrient-dense diet is ideal, everyone loves a slice of pizza from time to time! 

Therefore, practicing good gut health is a great way to ensure that your occasional treats do not cause an upset tummy or other issues that can impact on your other activities.

Collagen helps because collagen’s superpower is in repairing and maintaining the skin: your entire digestive tract is made from skin! 

Collagen contains glutamine and glycine, both of which are vital to healthy digestive systems, while it also maintains a balanced permeability, allowing nutrients to be quickly and efficiently absorbed into the body while waste or excess is moved along and expelled, effectively ‘sealing’ the issues that cause leaky gut symptoms.

Heart health

Heart disease is the world’s number one killer of both men and women, although male mortality rates are higher than women’s. 

Stress, bad diet, lack of exercise and, often, genetics all cause issues with the cardiovascular system that can cause illness, poor quality of life, and early death. 

Early studies suggest that collagen can help to give arteries good structure and strength, helping them to resist the inflammation that lies behind many heart issues. 

Of course, more research is needed, but collagen cannot hurt your heart, and may help your body to maintain a healthy and active condition.

So we see, not only can men take collagen supplements, but they actively should! The best collagen for human use is marine collagen that has been hydrolysed – this makes it easier for the body to use. 

Each sachet of Absolute Collagen contains 8000mg of the finest hydrolysed marine collagen and 7.7 grams of protein, as well as stevia (a natural sweetener) and vitamin c.

Our Stud Box is perfect for men who want to look after themselves from the inside out, and our male #Absoluters swear by it!

So if you’re wondering if men should take collagen supplements, look no further because the answer is most definitely yes.