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8 proven health benefits of collagen

Health benefits of collagen

by Francesco Vallecoccia

April 01, 2019

8 proven health benefits of collagen

April 01, 2019

Health benefits of collagen

Exercise and clean eating are guaranteed to keep your body in great condition, but have you also considered the health benefits of collagen supplements alongside your active lifestyle?

The health benefits of collagen truly are innumerable as collagen is the building block of bone, tissue and muscle repair. You should consider incorporating a collagen supplement into your daily routine if you want to reach peak levels of health.

The Health Benefits of Collagen

8 proven health benefits of collagen

1. Soothe joint pain

Joint pain is extremely common and can be either a long-term or short-term condition depending on the cause.

However, joint pain can become uncomfortable, sometimes even excruciating, and without appropriate treatment, it can be difficult to accomplish even the simplest of tasks.

Collagen can help to strengthen your cartilage, and increasing the amount of the protein in your body can alleviate painful joint pain.

Collagen is especially important for those who suffer from arthritis as studies found that supplements can help ease arthritic related pain and could even prevent the condition from developing in the first place.

2. Faster recovery from sports-related injuries

If you're training for a sporting event or simply want to beat your personal best on the treadmill in the gym, collagen supplements can help you along the way.

Injuries can really limit your sporting progress and recovery times can set you back months; in some cases, the injury may never heal fully or it might cause you pain when you try to push your athletic limits.

Studies show that collagen is effective at building and repairing muscle, working to fix an injury before it gets more serious; the study found that athletes with knee injuries recovered faster when they added collagen into their diets and their muscle and joint pain was also significantly reduced.

With collagen supplements you can maintain a high-intensity workout routine without the fear of overexertion and injuring yourself.

3. It's great for problem skin

Problem with the skin (acne)

Skin conditions can be debilitating; not only can they be painful and expensive to treat, but they can also knock your self-confidence.

However, skin conditions can be treated and collagen has been proven to help even the most high maintenance skin.

Research has shown that collagen can help restore the skin's moisture and works to balance out the natural oils in your body. This is ideal for people who have irritated skin or those who suffer from conditions such as dermatitis or eczema.

However, these results were only effective if the collagen was ingested, which shows that oral supplements are a more effective treatment for skin ailments than collagen injections. That’s why Absolute Collagen’s drinkable supplements are perfect for treating these conditions.

4. It can fight against skin ageing

Even if you take care of your skin and ensure it is well moisturised and nourished, you may still have wrinkles and spots appear.

Collagen is essential if you want clear and smooth skin. However, over time natural collagen in the skin declines, which leads to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Even the most expensive creams won't be able to halt the natural ageing process, but a collagen supplement can nourish the skin from within and make your skin glow.

This was proven in a scientific study where those who took a collagen supplement had less defined wrinkles and increased skin hydration. For best results, take collagen at a younger age so that skin stays supple and elastic for longer.

5. Reduces body fat and increases muscle tone

The health benefits of collagen even stretch into the world of weight loss. While the supplement is not a magical weight loss pill, it has been shown to reduce overall body fat percentage and increase muscle tone as well as body definition; the participants in the study felt physically stronger than the placebo group after three months of taking the collagen supplements.

In a broader sense, collagen supplements could also be beneficial for those undergoing physiotherapy or those hoping to recover their strength after surgery as the collagen reinforces and repairs muscle tissue.

If you're just hoping to shed those last few pounds, collagen can keep you active and help turn that unwanted belly fat into pure muscle.

6. It strengthens bones

Calcium isn't the only nutrient your bones need to stay strong; collagen also plays a vital role in strengthening bones and preventing them from becoming brittle.

If you're a runner strong bones are important if you want to prevent painful shin splints that can put you out of action for weeks while the small fractures heal.

If you suffer from a long-term bone condition such as osteoporosis, you might find it hard to partake in activities that you used to love. Collagen can help to restore bone loss caused by the condition and help you to regain control over your life.

Studies support this, finding that collagen supplements are an effective complementary therapy for those who suffer from osteoporosis.

7. Healthier hearts

Heart disease is more common among the older generation but is often caused by a poor diet and lack of exercise, both of which are entirely preventable.

However, if left unaddressed, heart disease can be potentially fatal.

Act now and consider adding collagen into your healthier lifestyle plan in order to avoid the disease altogether.

The health benefits of collagen in regard to heart disease have been proven in numerous studies, as researchers noticed a significant reduction in the patient's artery stiffness after they had been taking collagen supplements for an extended period of time.

8. Stronger nails

stronger nails

Brittle nails can often be a sign of poor health and a physical indicator that your body isn't getting the right nutrients.

If you can't see where your meal prep is going wrong, consider adding collagen into your diet and see if you feel healthier afterwards. A scientific study found that 88% of participants noticed a positive difference in their nail growth after four weeks of taking collagen supplements consistently, and they also found that their nails broke less often.

Absolute Collagen supplements are the best way to ensure that your body receives the necessary amount of collagen so that you can reap the many proven health benefits of collagen. Subscribe and save 18% every single time!