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What is liquid collagen good for?

liquid collagen

by Francesco Vallecoccia

January 07, 2019

What is liquid collagen good for?

January 07, 2019

liquid collagen

Liquid collagen is a trendy beauty and fitness buzzword that you’ve probably come across in one form or the other.

Liquid collagen is simply a drink containing hydrolysed collagen peptides. Peptides are broken-down molecules of the large collagen protein, and these smaller chains of protein molecules are easier to digest and absorb.

Collagen supplements have been praised for being the modern fountain of youth. Taking collagen on a daily or regular basis should reverse the ageing process and with it, some of the symptoms associated with ageing.

As it turns out, these claims are not misplaced. Based on the role of collagen in the body, taking more collagen has a profound effect on the way your body deals with ageing.

Collagen stimulates the growth and regeneration of tissues. Despite still being such an essential protein, as the body ages, its production drops.

Taking more collagen stimulates the body to continue production while still acting as a backup supply. You might want to try collagen supplements since collagen is a vital building block that:

1. Promotes skin healing and elasticity
2. Builds connective tissues
3. Maintains the structure of ligaments and tendons

Don’t take our word for it: let the science speak for itself.

There have been about 200,000 studies including over 6,000 clinical trials looking into the benefits and effects of taking extra collagen.

Many of these studies and experiments have provided insight into the body’s interactions with collagen and, in fact, justified the consumption of collagen supplements.

Six reasons why you should take liquid collagen

6 reasons to take collagen

1. For beauty

This is probably the most talked about and well-known benefit of taking collagen supplements. It is the reason why many of us are attracted to using collagen.

Collagen targets three prime beauty spots on the body, namely the skin, hair and nails. And let’s be honest, we all want better skin, hair and nails!

2. Skin

This vital protein provides skin elasticity. As a result of environmental factors as well as ageing, the skin loses elasticity, which shows in wrinkles and stretch marks.

The regained elasticity stretches out the skin, clearing wrinkles, and makes the skin plump and firm. This leaves your skin looking radiant, healthy and ultimately younger.

Studies have also shown that hydrolysed liquid collagen helps keep the skin hydrated and smooth, stimulating skin repair and regeneration.

Collagen also helps with cellulite. Cellulite is a layer of fat deposit right beneath the skin that forms dimples or lumps on the thighs, hips, and tummy. Although cellulite is a common problem related to genetics and body weight, collagen does a great job in improving its appearance by smoothing out the surface of the skin.

In a 2014 study involving a random sample of 46 middle-aged women, scientists observed a more significant improvement in the skin health of individuals taking hydrolysed collagen than of those taking other alternatives in just four weeks.

3. Hair and nails

Hair follicles and nail beds contain collagen that gives hair and nails their strength. Collagen deficiency is partly to blame for brittle nails and dry, weak hair. Adding collagen to your diet can help rejuvenate the health of your nails and hair, as well as help both grow faster

The results are a full head of smooth, shiny hair, and nails that you won’t be ashamed of in your next visit to a nail salon.

4. Ease chronic disorders and pains

In addition to maintaining the general health of bones, joints and teeth, liquid collagen has been proven to relieve joint pains and aches.

This is good news for athletes and people who work out regularly, as well as the elderly suffering from arthritis. Collagen is responsible for regenerating cartilage and tendons found in joints. An abundance of collagen ensures that joints are well lubricated and healthy, reducing discomfort and pain.

Chronic inflammation may be a result of a long list of potential health issues. Inflammation is a side effect of the body’s natural response mechanism against tissue damage.

However, chronic inflammation happens when the effect lingers on long after the response, keeping the body in constant alert mode.

This is characterised by a host of uncomfortable and often painful symptoms that may lead to tissue damage. Luckily, glycine, essential amino acid and constituent of collagen supplements, has been found to reduce inflammation and suppress its symptoms.

5. Strengthen your gut

Studies have shown that liquid collagen can aid digestion and promote the health of your digestive system.

Collagen is part of the connective tissues that keep the gut together and protect its delicate inner lining.

This creates a critical barrier that prevents leaky gut syndrome – a condition in which the intestinal walls become damaged and leak food material and pathogens into the bloodstream. This condition may lead to acute inflation as the immune system tries to defend the body against the intrusion.

The active amino acids in collagen can help heal damaged tissues in the digestive tract, leading to more effective food digestion and absorption.

6. Build muscle

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and a major constituent of muscle protein. Increasing your collagen levels provides the body with sufficient muscle-building raw material to grow muscle mass and repair worn out muscle tissues.

This can explain the popularity of collagen supplements with fitness enthusiasts. In addition to muscle building, glycine-rich collagen accelerates the synthesis of creatine that provides muscles with energy.

Collagen supplements are not only for bodybuilders. As the body ages, less material and energy goes into building muscles.

Stimulating the body’s muscle building processes using collagen directs more energy into muscle building at the expense of storing fat.

In fact, during muscle building and repair, more fat is burned. This is why collagen is associated with weight loss; it works by building muscle while burning fat. It’s a win-win.

Sources of collagen


source of collagen

Collagen is one of the main constituents of bone broth, but you will rarely find anyone taking bone broth today. What everyone is looking for is an easily consumable product; this is where supplements come in. You can find collagen in many different forms; liquid, tablets, powder, and chewable products like gummies.

Remember, there are several different types of collagen proteins in your body, and they interact with the body in different ways.

So, taking random supplements from a selection of products may not guarantee the results you are looking for.

However, one form of collagen supplements strikes a perfect balance between convenience and value: liquid collagen. Let’s look at the reasons why.

Why liquid collagen?


Why you should take liquid collagen

Of all the different ways you can consume collagen, taking it in liquid form remains the most rewarding and efficient method because of its superior bioavailability, meaning the way your body breaks it down is far superior to powder or tablets

High collagen concentration per serving

Liquid collagen supplements can deliver a highly concentrated dose of the vital amino acids. In liquid form, more active ingredients can be packed in a small volume, unlike in powdered or tablet form.

A higher concentration of collagen means that unit servings are small and easy to take.

Convenient and flexible consumption

Liquid collagen comes packed in a ready to drink pre-measured serving in little bottles or sachets. You can gulp down the collagen straight from the packaging without having to dilute or mix it with water.

Being a liquid, the supplement offers various drink customisation options. You can mix it up in exciting recipes from salads to beverages.

Easier to digest and absorb

Collagen in liquid form is digested and absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly and efficiently than any other solid supplements. Your body has to work harder to extract nutrients from solid food matter than from liquid.

This is true for collagen as well. Liquid collagen takes less time in the digestive system and readily gets to work in your tissues within minutes after ingestion.

Proven to work

Several scientific studies back up the effectiveness of drinking collagen. Liquid collagen has been proven to stimulate collagen production in the body while stimulating skin and tissue regeneration, essentially reversing the ageing process. 

You get more with your collagen

Extracts, flavours and nutrients can easily be added to liquid collagen potions. Liquid collagen is often enriched with vitamin C that helps in its absorption and assimilation.

You can also get a broader range of flavours when it comes to liquid supplements than with solids. What’s more, Marine-sourced collagen, or simply marine collagen, which is extracted from fish, is best consumed in liquid form.

Marine collagen has additional skin and hair restoration benefits and overcomes some of the limitations of animal collagen.

Closing words


When it comes to collagen, there are many different modes of consumption. But before you get to the choices,

it is best to understand the fine details about what drinking collagen can do for you. Drinking collagen every day will boost your health and physical appearance, leaving you in a better state of mind and confidence.

Are you convinced to try liquid collagen for the first time? Absolute Collagen is the ideal place to start. Each 10ml sachet of Absolute Collagen contains a single 8 gram serving of high-grade liquid hydrolysed marine collagen, making absolute collagen sachet’s the highest amount of collagen in the smallest ready mixed dose.

The collagen is enriched with vitamin C and natural lemon flavouring with no artificial colours, flavours or additives. Absolute Collagen is excellent at stimulating the body’s own collagen production. Try one today and start your wellness journey. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding liquid collagen.