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Trying Absolute Collagen with Laura Pearson-Smith

Trying Absolute Collagen with Laura Pearson-Smith

by Antonio Bori

September 13, 2017

Trying Absolute Collagen with Laura Pearson-Smith

September 13, 2017

Trying Absolute Collagen with Laura Pearson-Smith

A while ago, the team at Absolute Collagen asked me to try out their oral liquid supplements and introduce them to you. I’ve talked about skin supplements before, but these ones are excellent and definitely worth looking in to. A great addition to anyone’s anti-ageing skincare regime!

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a structural protein that’s essentially scaffolding for our skin – it helps our skin to keep its elasticity and firmness. From the age of around 25, our natural collagen levels start to deplete. By 40, we’ll have lost a third of our natural collagen, so we need to top it up (orally and topically) to help keep our skin looking younger, plumper and wrinkle-free. I’ve written more in-depth on the topic of collagen, and you can read it here if you’d like to know more. Absolute Collagen’s oral liquid supplements* (£29.99 for 14/2 weeks from Absolute Collagen) are 10ml marine collagen supplements. It’s very important when it comes to oral collagen skin supplements that they contain the right type and form of collagen – otherwise our digestive systems would break it down before it could be put to any use by our bodies. Absolute Collagen’s supplements contain high-grade Type 1 fish collagen, that’s absorbed better into the bloodstream and circulated throughout the body much better than other types of collagen. I made a short video to further explain it to you too.

Multiple Absolute Collagen sachets on table

How Do You Take Them?

Absolute Collagen’s oral supplements come in small sachets, and contain 10ml of liquid. Unless you are a fan of the slightly fishy taste of Cod Liver Oil, I’d advise that you add the contents of the sachet to your daily breakfast smoothie or drink – hot or cold. It has a lemon taste too, so is amazing in fruit drinks. You take one dose daily and that dose contains over 8000mg of collagen. Essentially, by taking this product, you are giving yourself the best chance possible at keeping your skin functioning properly and acting as youthful as possible as you naturally age.

Absolute Collagen sachet and Beauty Box

Why Take Them?

As i’ve explained, our ability to naturally produce collagen decreases as we age. Other factors such as environmental pollution, smoking and alcohol consumption also causes collagen degradation. The Absolute Collagen supplements are such high quality, have gone through so much research and contain exactly the right type of collagen. They also contain Vitamin C, which works with collagen for skin rejuvenation and tissue renewal.

I’ve been taking these for a month now and they are completely hassle-free – I just pop one into a smoothie, orange juice or hot fruit tea at breakfast time and I don’t even notice I’m taking it. There’s only 36 calories per sachet. You can even set up a subscription on their site, where they will send you out your next batch before you run out. As the product is so pure and fresh, it does have a short expiry date, so you can’t really stock up on any more that 14 days worth.

I only recommend things to you that I believe in, and I feel that I am really nourishing my skin from within with these supplements from Absolute Collagen.