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Top Trichologist Backs Absolute Collagen!

Top trichologist Eva Proudman's perception trial results show improvement in hair and scalp in 100% of candidates!
Top Trichologist Backs Absolute Collagen!

by Jayne Tramontana

May 18, 2018

Top Trichologist Backs Absolute Collagen!

Top trichologist Eva Proudman's perception trial results show improvement in hair and scalp in 100% of candidates!

May 18, 2018

Top Trichologist Backs Absolute Collagen!

Eva Proudman, top trichologist with UK Hair Specialists Ltd, recommends Absolute Collagen for hair and scalp health.

Eva, who has over 17 years' experience in the hair sector, undertook a perception trial on the effects of Absolute Collagen. Eva has been involved with many product tests and development programmes such as L'Oreal and Wella. As an Associate Member of the Institute of Trichologists, Eva is bound by a strict ethical code - so her report on Absolute Collagen is something we are really proud of! 

The trial was developed specifically to look at how the supplement impacted on the hair and scalp. Hair in both men and women can be impacted by dietary deficiencies - especially in terms of lack of essential amino-acids, vitamins and minerals. This can lead to excessive hair fall and hair thinning - with diet and stressful lifestyles suggested to be an underlying cause. 

Absolute Collagen contains seven of the eight essential amino-acids that the body requires and they can only be obtained from diet (the body cannot synthesis these essential amino-acids). Amino acids are the building blocks of keratin - the protein that makes up the hair. These amino-acids are also responsible for hair strength and elasticity - and support the natural growth cycle. 

Eva's perception trial states: "(Amino acids) can be effective in treating disorders of the growth cycle where the hair shreds and regrows prematurely, leading to a loss in overall density. The amino-acid cysteine is very important to the hair, and is contained in Absolute Collagen. Cysteine forms the covalent disulphide bonds in the hair, and these are the strongest bonds found in the hair and essential to overall hair health."

The trial was limited to looking at only the effects of Absolute Collagen on the hair and scalp and observed and quantified fortnightly. 

The trail consisted of six candidates, five women and one man. Each was chosen by Eva due to age and hair quality. Each candidate was assessed at the beginning as the table below shows.

A trichological examination took place every 2 weeks with candidates asked to take Absolute Collagen daily and keep a daily questionnaire and observation sheet. The review looked at hair texture, hair growth, hair management, hair fall and scalp health.

The perception trial was carried out over 12 weeks and the candidates took no other supplements aside from Absolute Collagen. 

The Results

As early as week 2 the candidates were reporting a change in their hair texture, with all perceiving a smoother, sleeker texture. Trichological examination on week 2 did not reveal any change in texture (although Eva believes an increase in sebum could explain the perception). However, an examination on week 4 DID show that the texture was smoother and sleeker in EVERY candidate. 

Two of the candidates reported a slight scalp irritation by week 4, but an examination of the scalp showed no visible irritation. By week 6, irritation was not evident symptomatically or visually.

At week 8 ALL candidates reported a reduction in the news to use hair conditioner as their own hair was much softer, sleeker and easier to style. 

The seborrhoeic eczema sufferers shown on the table had reduction in both itching and visible flaking. The chronic telogen effluvium sufferer had a reduction in shedding of 10% carried out by hair fall count daily.

One candidate travelled to India for 6 weeks and continued to take and record the results of Absolute Collagen. The fine, limp hair the candidate had was not as affected as severely by the humidity as previously and washing was only necessary every two days. 

EVERY candidate experienced perceived benefits and the consultant trichologist observed benefits:

  • Hair texture much smoother
  • Tensile tests improved - some breakage to minimal breakage
  • Scalp condition excellent
  • Seborrhoeic Eczema itching and flaking decreased 
  • Hair management improved; washing, conditioning and styling 

After 6 weeks of stopping Absolute Collagen a follow-up examination was carried out. It revealed a 50% decrease in hair quality in terms of coarseness and ability to manage and style. This resulted in ALL 6 candidates wanting to continue to take Absolute Collagen.

Eva says: "As a trichologist I would not hesitate to recommend Absolute Collagen as an effective protein substitute where the diet plays a factor in overall hair quality, shedding and thinning. Although this trial was run as a perception trial and not a clinical trial, the candidates own perceptions and the actual examinations show that the hair benefitted in terms of condition and manageability in 100% of cases. This trial suggests that a nutritional approach to improving the hair follicle environment from within can be used to optimise hair growth, texture and quality."