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The Top Collagen Supplement Benefits You Should Know

Collagen supplements provide increased health and vitality to individuals of all ages, and there's plenty of scientific evidence to back up their many benefits.

Collagen is a major component of your bodily tissue, and it's found in your tendons, skin, ligaments and muscles.

Top Collagen Supplements benefits

by Bri Wink

November 08, 2018

The Top Collagen Supplement Benefits You Should Know

Collagen supplements provide increased health and vitality to individuals of all ages, and there's plenty of scientific evidence to back up their many benefits.

Collagen is a major component of your bodily tissue, and it's found in your tendons, skin, ligaments and muscles.

November 08, 2018

Top Collagen Supplements benefits

Collagen supplements provide increased health and vitality to individuals of all ages, and there's plenty of scientific evidence to back up their many benefits.

Collagen is a major component of your bodily tissue, and it's found in your tendons, skin, ligaments and muscles.

One of the most important collagen supplement benefits is its ability to slow down the ageing process, as it can help reduce dry skin and wrinkles.

However, studies have shown that collagen supplements also assist with painful joints that are the result of osteoarthritis and the loss of bone density that can lead to osteoporosis.

What do you need to know about collagen?


Collagen has a lot of benefits and functions, including providing structure and elasticity to the skin.

Some natural sources of collagen include bone broth or soup and pork skin; however, collagen supplements have become increasingly popular over the years. These supplements contain hydrolysed collagen, which is far easier for the body to absorb.

Between 25% and 35% of the entire body's protein content is composed of collagen and it contains amino acids which are wound together to create fibrils. Although it's most commonly found in the skin, tendons and ligaments, it's also found in the eyes, gut and teeth. There are at least 16 different kinds of collagen in the body and these are sub-divided into various groups; Type I and Type III are more prevalent than Type II.

Collagen is also used in a variety of medical scenarios, including bone grafts, reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery, tissue regeneration and wound care for burns patients.

Collagen supplement benefits you need to know

Collagen Benefits you should know

Here's our run down of the top six benefits of collagen supplements.

  1. Collagen Benefit: Improved skin health

Collagen plays a key role in strengthening our skin, and also provides greater hydration. As our bodies age, we produce less collagen, which results in dry skin and wrinkles.

However, it's believed that the regular consumption of collagen supplements helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as it can encourage the body to produce more collagen naturally.

Additional collagen supplement benefits may also include boosting the body's production of elastin and fibrillin, which are needed for skin structure and elasticity. (Elastin helps skin to return to its original position when it's pinched or poked, and fibrillin, a glycoprotein, provides a scaffold for the deposition of elastin.)

Research into the effects of collagen peptides on the skin of women aged between 35 and 55 years showed noticeable improvements in elasticity and skin tone, compared to women who just took a placebo supplement.

Researchers also noted that it was the older participants whose skin showed the most improvement.

This is believed to be down to the fact that the production of collagen decreases as we age, so the benefits of the supplements are much more obvious in older women.

Other studies have shown that skin hydration can also improve significantly after just two months of taking oral collagen supplements.

However, it's important to note that hydrolysed collagen should be taken as it's ingested and absorbed far more easily by the joints and skin because it has already been broken down.

A number of people who take collagen supplements on a regular basis also find it is helpful for the prevention of acne and other skin complaints. Collagen is needed to repair the damage caused to your skin tissue by the bacteria that results in acne. Furthermore, if you pop a spot, collagen will help the wound to heal, like any cut or scab.

From this research, it seems abundantly clear that collagen supplements can really benefit ageing and damaged skin

  1. Collagen benefit: Reduces cellulite levels

Collagen supplements can also help reduce levels of cellulite - the dimpled appearance of the skin that's common in women around the bum, thighs and hips.

A 2015 research study highlighted that regularly taking collagen peptides could improve skin texture and cut out the waviness and lumpiness associated with this subcutaneous fat.

However, the study of collagen supplements and cellulite needs to be researched further in order to confirm these promising results.

Cellulite is common in around 80% of women, so any potential supplements are likely to be welcomed. 

However, it's important to note that taking collagen supplements for cellulite isn't a quick fix - most women see improved results after six months.

  1. Collagen benefit: Reduces joint pain

Another collagen supplement benefit is the protection of joints to help prevent the onset of degenerative disorders such as osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis in the United Kingdom and it most often causes problems in the hips, knees and small hand joints.

One study involved athletes taking regular 10g daily doses of collagen, with participants experiencing a substantial reduction in joint pain when resting or walking.

Further studies have also illustrated the benefits of taking daily collagen supplements for joint pain: supplements help to lower inflammation, while also stimulating the body to make more necessary collagen.

Make sure you check out our product reviews where a number of customers mention the collagen benefit of improvements to knee and joint pain.

  1. Collagen benefit: Helps prevent the loss of bone mass

Collagen is vital for bone strength and is a major component of all bones in the body. As you age, your bone mass deteriorates and this can lead to osteoporosis and a greater risk of broken bones.

Research into collagen shows that hydrolysed supplements may limit the breakdown of bone structure and help prevent the onset of osteoporosis because the combination of amino acids encourages the synthesis of collagen.

Just a 5g collagen supplement taken daily may prove key to helping maintain bone strength as we age.

  1. Collagen benefit: Increased muscle mass

Up to 10% of muscular tissue is collagen and the protein works to keep muscles functioning well while maintaining strength levels.

Sarcopenia is a condition associated with age and causes the loss of muscle mass. Research into the effects of collagen on frail, elderly men indicated that taking a collagen supplement on a daily basis while also embarking on a regular exercise programme (that includes resistance training) could cause a significant gain in muscle mass and increased levels of strength.

  1. Collagen benefit: Good for the heart

It is also believed that collagen supplements may have the benefit of reducing the risk of developing heart conditions. This is because collagen is a major structural factor of the arteries and a lack of collagen can cause them to weaken or collapse.

Research into the narrowing of the arteries found that adults taking 16g of collagen on a daily basis benefited from significant improvements to their arterial health.

Some of the other benefits attributed to regular doses of collagen include:

- The improved condition of hair and nails and the prevention of brittleness

- Improvements to overall gut health and the prevention of leaky gut syndrome

- Improved brain health and cuts to anxiety levels

- Weight loss and a faster metabolic rate

Studies into the effects of collagen supplements on the gut may be critically important for people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease.

Collagen is an important protein within the connective tissues in the gut and helps to strengthen its protective lining.

The leaky gut syndrome is a condition where particles from the gut pass into the blood and can cause inflammation.

A 2003 research study into the benefits of collagen supplements for people with inflammatory bowel disease found that most participants had low levels of serum collagen.

It was theorised that increasing the intake of collagen via supplements could help increase the tissues of the gastrointestinal tract and help provide increased levels of gut health.

This research has not yet been scientifically proven, however.

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So, there you have it, it really does seem that collagen supplement benefits are numerous and offer an individual the opportunity for a healthier, fitter lifestyle.

This is particularly important for individuals who want to combat the effects of ageing on the skin and the joint disorders associated with older age.

It's important to understand there are a variety of different collagen supplements on the market, targeting a range of disorders.

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