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Top Absolute Collagen Highlights of 2018!

We have had a blast in 2018, and have you #absoluters to thank for our success! Here we look at the highlights of the year and ten of the top testimonials.
Top Absolute Collagen Highlights of 2018!

by Jayne Tramontana

December 30, 2018

Top Absolute Collagen Highlights of 2018!

We have had a blast in 2018, and have you #absoluters to thank for our success! Here we look at the highlights of the year and ten of the top testimonials.

December 30, 2018

Top Absolute Collagen Highlights of 2018!

On the eve of 2019 we reflect on the past year - and what a year it has been!

2018 saw us place ourselves firmly on the map as a UK leader in the market for ingestible collagen supplements - and we have you #absoluters to thank. In this article we will take a look at the top ten success stories - but first let’s take a look at the achievements of Absolute Collagen over 2018.

February saw us launch on Amazon - which has given us even more opportunity to build our worldwide tribe - and our brand new 28-day subscription launched in March, lowering our carbon footprint and gaining more subscribers than ever before. We also attended the Luxury Lifestyle event in London, where the blogger Amina Maz became a #absoluter. You can view her review here 

In March we celebrated gaining the coveted Beauty Shortlist Editor’s Choice Award 2018 - this is a completely impartial award, tested by real beauty insiders and voted for independently. What an accolade for the team!

absolute collagen at pure beauty global awards

Hot on the heels of this announcement was the news we were voted Finalist in the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2018. Maxine Laceby, CEO, and her daughter Darcy, head-of-operations, attended the red-carpet event at the glitzy Four Seasons resort in Jumeriah Beach, Dubai in May. 

Then June saw the hat-trick - gaining yet a third award for finalists in the Beauty Shortlist Mama and Baby Awards! We are so proud of getting these awards under our belt, knowing that the industry is recognising the true benefit of Absolute Collagen in the nutricosmetic market. 

It was also in June that the renowned clinical trichologist, Eva Proudman, published her perception trial of Absolute Collagen and the effects she found on scalp and hair health. So blown away by the results, Eva joined the team as our in-house hair expert and is now a proud advocate of Absolute Collagen and hair health. You can read the trial findings here 

Our ever-growing business enabled us to offer free postage to our subscribers in July. It has always been the ethos of the company that we remain as cost-effective as possible to the end consumer. Maxine believes ‘beauty shouldn’t be pocket deep’, so is always looking to lower the cost to our #absoluters. By the final quarter of the year, we were even more delighted to offer free postage and packaging on all our deliveries. 

Team members at Absolute Collagen HQ enjoyed a HUGE birthday cake in September - with a party to mark 1 year of our digital marketing campaign on Facebook which has helped the business grow four-fold in that time. Thank you Facebook! 

Digital Birthday Absolute Collagen

Then the Telegraph included us in their editorial ‘Forty Beauty Tips for Women Over Forty!’ Here is the complete article.

Camila Cabello, Ariana Grande and Post Malone were amongst celebrities who would have found complimentary boxes of Absolute Collagen in their dressing rooms for the MTV European Music Awards in Bilboa, Spain in November. We were so excited to gift the protein-packed supplement to the stars!

And as we close the year, we have realised another goal of ours - offering FREE shipping to America and Canada as we hope to gain more #absoluters from around the world. 

So we’ve been busy! And we simply love to hear from our customers and the reason we are here - to make a difference. 

Here are the top ten testimonials of the year:

1. Dia Powell - Weight loss: My name is Dia Powell and I have been taking Absolute Collagen religiously since I think the end of Feb, beginning of March of this year. I initially wanted to take it because my natural nails were wrecked after years of wearing acrylics and I wanted to improve the condition of them as they were so soft and broke easily. My friend bought me a two week course of them and I started ordering them for myself as soon as that pack had finished.

How wonderful your product is! It’s improved my skin and nails, but an exciting and unexpected bonus that I wasn’t thinking would happen, but I am more than happy to tell you that it has!! The friend who bought me the first pack said that it was an appetite suppressant, or so she felt... And I kept my fingers crossed that it might be that way for me too.

Oh my, I have found it to be such a great help on my dieting (and usually failing at dieting) journey. So much so that since March of this year I have lost almost eight stones in weight and the only thing that has changed is that I’ve been taking my Absolute Collagen daily! My energy levels are up and I don’t crave sugary snacks anymore!! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I feel like this, I’m a life-long failed dieter and have mostly always been on the chunky side but I didn’t realise how big I had gotten and how much I had lost until I looked at two photos (see below) One is in Feb of this year when I weighed 23st 3lb and one is four days ago and I weigh 15st 5lb. As I say I can only put it down to the supplements and I genuinely cannot thank you enough for creating such a wonderful product! I’m sure you hear of many success stories like mine every day but I felt I had to share this with you. The second photo I have hair extensions in, another bonus is my hair is now strong enough to hold hair in, whereas before it was very fine!

 Dia's weight loss with Absolute Collagen

2. Deborah Harper - Skin & Joints: I have been taking the Absolute Collagen for 1 month now and will definitely keep taking them. I noticed within a week that my skin was smoother and clearer. One of the other benefits was my knee joint that had started to hurt a lot and got stiff after exercise and going upstairs got better. No pain now at all. Fab little product, easy to take and easy to slip in your bag!

 better skin with Absolute Collagen

3. Susan Totty – Anti-ageing:  I too have had that many compliments on my skin and how do I look so young (I’m 53) my skin is superb and a lot less wrinkles I love this product and have recommended to those who have commented which is lots of people ...I no longer need conditioner on my hair and it's so shiny …love love love!

4. Jo French - Anxiety: I have been taking this for a little over 2 weeks.  I am starting to see an improvement in my skin condition ...sort of brighter. So am looking forward to seeing results over continued use. Believe me I am not gullible and have been waiting for a product that actually does what it says. On another note I am a person that in recent years has experienced a steady rise in anxiety and at times bad depression, most days. After around 7 days of taking this I noticed a significant upturn in my mood... it wasn't till I researched benefits of vitamin c that I realised it may be due to general mood is way better than it was 2 weeks ago. And for me that is a breakthrough in itself. I’ve tried everything else - vitamin b, omega 3, turmeric etc etc...nothing has worked like this so will continue to take it for my mood if nothing else. 

5. Emma B - Nails: I cannot believe my nails on this collagen! For years my cuticles have been so dry so it meant my nails were having to be done every 1-2 weeks now it’s every 2-3 weeks! There is no dry skin at all. This stuff is amazing! 

6. Tom Sheard - Skin: A wonderful company with some superb people behind it. I’ve been using Absolute Collagen for well over two months now and my improvements have been significant. Honestly, my skin feels and looks better than it ever has. You just can’t expect results straight away, that’s the same with any health care or skin product. Longevity works with this product and it’s so easy to take. If you are sceptical then give it a go.  Just to note, Absolute Collagen have not asked for this review - in fact they don’t even know I’m writing it so it’s not an ad!

Tom sheard  

7. Karen Angelico - Menopause: I am 2.5 months in to taking Absolute Collagen and have really noticed a difference. I am generally very fit and healthy, make sure I eat a clean diet and do regular exercise etc, but my hormones were causing all sorts of uncomfortable issues such as sporadic insomnia, aching joints, weird tooth pains, hair loss, fatigue, and my periods became very irregular.

A blood test didn’t reveal any positive menopausal results, although I understand the slow wind down of hormones during perimenopause doesn’t always show up in a blood test. I thought I would have to put up with it. Then I discovered Absolute Collagen.

I thought it was worth a try. I was very sceptical, but I am blown away by the results. Within 2 weeks my tooth pain had disappeared and my nails were growing, not only longer but stronger. I decided to subscribe to the monthly box.

My skin has been the most recent change, but I can say that joint aches are 90% gone, hair is re-growing and thickening - even my boyfriend noticed! And my skin is hydrated and bounces back with a pinch test on the back of my hand.

I have made no other changes to my diet or lifestyle and can only attribute all of this to the magic of Absolute Collagen. My hormones are still all over the place and I will obviously still go through the menopausal changes, but I can honestly say I feel as if the volume dial has been turned down on all of my symptoms. Thank you Absolute Collagen!

Absolute Collagen helps menopause

8. David Stewart - Skin and hair: Been using this for a few months now. It only took two weeks to notice a significant difference to my skin and hair. I feel healthier overall and when training, it seems to help. It’s worth every penny for me. If you can afford it, try it for a month and see the changes. Hope it works as well for you.

 David is an #absoluter

9. Lois - Eczema: I couldn't live without Absolute Collagen - I've been taking it for 3 months after being recommended it. After a life time of suffering with eczema and being on strong drugs the last 15 years to try and control it. Absolute Collagen has taken down the majority of the inflammation, rashes and swelling in one month. I am now actually coming off the nasty drugs because my skin is manageable. I am so grateful I found this. As I have tried other collagen and it hasn't done anything. I will keep taking it long term.

10. Philip C - Skin: I was 100% sceptical about this product but it kept coming up on my social media feeds so I research further. UK brand = good, boasting reviews are 100% genuine = good. I ordered a trial box from Amazon and took the plunge. 

I am just over one week of taking it daily. I have to be honest the texture and taste is not great but it’s certainly no too bad either. 

INCREDIBLY after a short week I have noticed a huge difference. My skin is shining and the wrinkles around my eyes have gone. Like totally gone. Now they weren’t deep at all, just surface wrinkles but WOW. The skin under my eyes is tighter, as is the skin on the back of my hands. Pinch it and it bounces back. So impressed with this product. 

I have to say I have always taken care of my skin and keep well moisturised and I inherited good family genes, but this has totally worked for me. Brilliant stuff guys!

So there you have it – straight from the #absoluters’ mouths! Our protein rich, marine collagen liquid supplement WORKS – and in so many wonderful ways.

We want to thank each and every one of you for purchasing, subscribing, feeding back and for the wonderful testimonials we receive daily. 

It was Maxine Laceby’s dream to share her unique collagen formula with as many people as possible – and the team have seen this dream come true!

We wish all of our #absoluters a wonderful, healthy and prosperous New Year and look forward to growing our tribe even further in 2019. 

For more real-life, 100% authentic video testimonials click here.