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10 reasons why you should use marine collagen in 2019

marine collagen benefits

by Francesco Vallecoccia

January 14, 2019

10 reasons why you should use marine collagen in 2019

January 14, 2019

marine collagen benefits

Did you know that as we get older our body’s ability to produce new collagen begins to reduce?

The loss of collagen can affect everything from the ageing of skin to painful joints, even your bones! Less supply of collagen to the body may also lead to other problems.

These can be anything from an aggravated digestive system and a weaker immune system to the increased risk of chronic illness.

Marine collagen benefits individuals by helping to reverse the ageing process and prevent health-related issues.  

There are a number of marine collagen benefits, so getting older is not all bad news. If you want to be the best you in 2019, adding marine collagen into your daily routine can really help.

10 reasons why you should use marine collagen in 2019

Reasons why to use marine collagen

Science has shown that collagen supplements can help prevent health issues connected to the ageing process. Here are 10 benefits of supplementing with marine collagen:

1. Slows and reverses ageing and sagging skin

From around the age of 21, the collagen in our skin starts to break down. This continues throughout adulthood, leading to wrinkly, saggy skin as we get older.

The skin is made up of around 70% Type 1 collagen, so taking collagen supplements helps to replenish the skin and, in some cases, could even reverse ageing.

When collagen becomes weaker and less substantial it begins to sag often showing as crows feet or turkey neck, doctors call this Ptosis. This is due to collagen depletion

Recent clinical trials have shown that many patients who have used marine collagen supplements benefit from fewer wrinkles, improved skin hydration as well as firmness.

2. Builds bone strength

Collagen is one of the most natural substances in your bones. This is why it plays a major role in the strength and flexibility of the joints.

Making sure you have sufficient collagen is important for looking after the health of your bones and preventing fractures.

As we age, our bones become more fragile and lose mass. Collagen supplements assist with the absorption of calcium including minerals which are essential for bone strength.

3. Lowers cholesterol levels

Other clinical studies have highlighted that collagen supplements often help to lower cholesterol levels. They reduce the bad lipoprotein (LDL) and increase the good lipoprotein (HDL).

HDL pulls cholesterol and triglycerides out of blood and tissue. This prevents tissue damage caused by fats.

High cholesterol in older people can be a  major health problem. Taking collagen supplements every day can balance cholesterol levels.

4. Helps to reduce inflammation

Inflammation of the joints is also a tell-tale sign of getting older, as well as one of the most common side effects of today’s modern diet and lifestyle.

Marine collagen benefits the body by reducing pain in the joints as a result of ageing. Glycine, one of the body’s main amino acids, makes up around 33% of collagen.

Collagen supplements contain Glycine, so have major anti-inflammatory benefits by helping combat and reduce inflammation.

Many people who take Absolute Collagen have seen improvements in their joint pain, including arthritis. Susan says that since taking her daily dose of marine collagen, “waking in the morning with stiff joints is also becoming a thing of the past.”

5. Improves wound healing

Not many people realise that collagen helps the body to heal wounds faster. It’s even used to make wound dressings, which serve as a protective barrier while helping the skin repair itself. 

Supplements with marine collagen can lead to quicker healing of wounds and scars.

It’s ideal for the regeneration of skin and skin injuries such as scars, rashes, stretch marks and burns. Benefiting people with acne scarring or women with a cesarean scar

A daily intake of collagen supplements could improve individual tissue strength, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

6. Strong hair and nails

stronger hair

If you suffer from weak nails and thin hair, collagen supplements may benefit you. Nails and hair are made from the same substance called keratin.

Collagen helps with its natural production within the body resulting in stronger, faster-growing hair and nails.

Ageing, nutrient deficiencies and hormonal problems can make your hair and nails look dull. Our hair and nails are made up of a large portion of collagen, so taking collagen supplements can help.

 If you’re struggling with nails that break easily or damaged hair, it’s worth giving marine collagen supplements a go and seeing if you notice the benefits.

7. Stronger muscles

As the ageing process kicks in, our muscle mass tends to decline. Reduced collagen production within the body is partially to blame for this.

Other causes can be a drop in testosterone levels and slower metabolism.

Absorption of collagen supplements can preserve muscles as we age. They are great for helping repair the body after workouts, no matter how old you are.

Studies show that collagen improves muscle gain and strength in the same way that some protein supplements do.

8. Appetite control

Marine collagen is composed entirely of amino acids. Amino acids are basically the building blocks of protein which makes you less hungry.

If you need a quick protein fix with your diet, collagen supplements can control your appetite.

Marine collagen benefits those who often have hunger pangs or simply eat too much. Adding collagen supplements to your meals will help you live a healthier lifestyle.

9. Improve sleep quality

Do you suffer from sleep deprivation and daytime fatigue? Glycine contained in collagen can assist in overcoming these problems.

Supplements have a calming effect and can improve your mood.

Marine collagen improves cognition, making you more focused and perceptive. 

10. Thyroid boost and antibacterial effects

Marine collagen supplements offer two benefits in one here. Thyroid levels can be boosted by balancing other proteins in the body.

The liver’s ability to convert the thyroid hormone into the active T3 thyroid hormone lowers the cortisol levels in the blood.

The latest research has shown that peptide fragments contained within marine collagen itself have some antibacterial properties such as collagencin.

Collagencin is a peptide derived from collagen which has been found to inhibit the growth of infection and disease-causing bacteria.


use absolute collagen to get more marine collagen

Now that we have discussed the top 10 marine collagen benefits, you can see why more people than ever before are taking collagen supplements.

Marine collagen is an easily-digested supplement derived from a sustainable source. It doesn't just improve your protein intake, but your overall health, too.

Marine collagen heals joints, muscles, strengthens hair and nails. It can also heal the gut while acting as an appetite suppressor.

Absolute Collagen’s ready-mixed collagen sachets are the perfect way to add marine collagen into your daily routine. Each 10 mL sachet contains 8 grams of marine collagen as well as 7.7 grams of protein.

To find out more about Absolute Collagen and its effectiveness, click here